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Apples and Oranges <strike>Can I have 1785$ per user for messaging too please?</strike>

Update: I promise: no more mental math at 1am in the morning. Post revised.
IBM invented FUD, but Microsoft turned it into an art. On their website they have an entertaining set of claims. I leave it up to you to judge their credibility. The real fun part is the Godiva case study. According to Microsoft the 1400 people company saved $250,000 per year by moving to Microsoft. That would turn into $178 per user/year. Of course that calculation is riddled with question marks. Lets remove the Oranges and compare Bananas with Bananas. There are 2 moves: one is from "I-run-my-own-server" to "happy-in-the-cloud", the other is switching products. So lets have a look:
  • When comparing deployment diagrams Exchange looks rather complex. The license stack doesn't look better. That might be one of the driving reasons for Microsoft to offer cloud. But what I wonder is how could they spend so much on running Domino? Back in 2002 Ferris conducted a study about Domino TCO. They found R5 would typically cost $22 user/month, while R6 would push that to $6 user/month. In R7 Ferris calculated additional 15% savings, with additional improvements with Notes 8.0 and Notes 8.5, especially around storage (DAOS), policies and monitoring. I checked with people who run efficient Domino installations and they run Domino, Sametime, Quickr, Protector at running cost of $6-7 user/month. So the number of products has increased and probablt the mailbox sizes, but no the cost. That leaves quite some money for licenses and hardware
  • But we are going cloud. So we compare to LotusLive Notes. The site says it is $5 user/month list price (or $3 if web only mail will do - like the factory floor workers). But let us us do more. Let's add file sharing (that also works with outside parties) and collaboration like IBM Activities or IBM Communities and Symphony live. This pushes the list price to $7 user/month. Finally we throw in web conferencing that allows to invite external guests for free. We end up at $10 user/month. That makes $120 user/year.
So when I shall save $178 user/year someone needs to pay me $58. (I know it isn't accurate, since there are people and servers etc. involved. But moving to LotusLive Notes is pretty much one cross cert, a few policies and then replication. So no cost for engaging and licensing BinaryTree). In German we call such claims " Milchm├Ądchenrechnung". And we haven't looked at the apps yet.
Readying the flame proof underwear.
Update Thx for all the comments. Its good to know that there is some readership

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  1. posted by Mustermann on Thursday 29 September 2011 AD:
    $250,000 divided by 1400 = $178.50
  2. posted by Nathan T. Freeman on Thursday 29 September 2011 AD:
    Sorry, brother. You math is wrong. $250,000/1400 = $178.
  3. posted by Steve Pridemore on Thursday 29 September 2011 AD:
    Even at $178/user/year is more than the $144 I paid for LotusLive Notes with Engage and Traveler. That is for a full Notes Client with Sametime and Symphony running on Linux. I wonder if that $178 includes Desktop License or Office License. And do they have access to MS alternative to Engage?.
  4. posted by Steve Pridemore on Thursday 29 September 2011 AD:
    Sorry... I just couldn't resist...

    { Link }

  5. posted by Steve Pridemore on Thursday 29 September 2011 AD:
    ok this is the last one, I promise.

    Microsoft Office 365 -
    { Link }

    the closest offing I could find to what I got with LotusLive is the E3 which costs $24/month only 2x what I pay for LotusLive... The Plan P for professionals looks pretty good @ $6/user/month but it is only 1-50 users and the support is Online community only. I purchased an iPhone app to sync to-do's from LotusLive but it didn't work and the app vender didn't know why... Lotus Live support is now working directly with the vendor to find out why... you don't get that with Online community support.

    ok I'm done.
  6. posted by Patrick Kwinten on Thursday 29 September 2011 AD:
    according to Microsoft this post is work of the devil. Emoticon cool.gif
  7. posted by Stephan H. Wissel on Thursday 29 September 2011 AD:
    @All: Thx for the comments, no more math at 1am.
    @Steve: updated the math post
    Emoticon biggrin.gif stw
  8. posted by Mejarkon Saj on Friday 02 November 2018 AD:

    Hey Steve Pridemore,
    I was going to describe something like this. Maybe I will augment their article then, I can't sync iTunes app after seen [iTunes error 0xe8000015][1].
    Did you see every this while using any other applications?
    [1]: https://www.applemacsupportnumbers.com/blog/fix-itunes-error-0xe8000015/

  9. posted by Mejarkon Saj on Friday 02 November 2018 AD: