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AD215 - Feedback

Guys I'm flattered. And I'll work on my accent, promise! Your feedback

Session#AD215 - AD215 - Practical Magic with DXL

Date & Time: 01/22/2009     Number of Responses: 20

  1. How would you rate the quality and relevance of the information in the Session/BoF/Lab?
    Excellent: 17    Good: 3    Fair: 0
    • Good - Some good examples of wht can be done with DXL, stuff I did not kow I could do. Noit sure how much I can use this but I suspect I will.
    • Excellent - Best session this year !
    • Excellent - Short introduction to DXL and then off to some more advanced stuff. And a lot of great information about what to watch out for when using DXL. This presentation will save many people a lo of time working with DXL.
    • Excellent - Left with more than I expected
    • Good - Very cools stuff
    • Excellent - Great! More of simmilar sessions. Very valuable!
    • Excellent - Very useful to see further alternative uses of the tools already available to me.
    • Excellent - Intriguing!!! Very interesting use of DXL
    • Excellent - Not too deep, but with enough information within grasp to entice those interested to go further.
  2. Did the information presented in this Session/BoF/Lab affect your decision to further consider or implement the IBM/Lotus product and/or solution discussed?
    Yes: 17    No: 2    Undecided: 1
    • Yes - The first time I've understood how it could be possible to integrate DXL exports into CSV/Subversion. The XPages possibilities (e.g., creating a form) are game changers.
  3. How would you rate the quality and effectiveness of the speaker(s)/facilitators(s)/instructor(s)/lab staff?
    Excellent: 18    Good: 1    Fair: 0
    • Excellent - I am going to break so many things when I get back home. But I am less afraid of DXL now that I have attended this session.
    • Good - Speaker was good. A little hard to understand with the german accent. He tried hard to make an interesting presentation with humor. With moe experience, I think he will improve.
    • Excellent - Lots of humour and insights
    • Excellent - Lively and humorous presentation. Easy to understand.
    • - Very good examples that worked
    • Excellent - I dub this guy ALPHA GEEK. He knew what he was talking about and explained the details and then showed the examples and the tools!
    • Excellent - Stephan is so friendly, lightly joking as he goes through the material. It was a big crowd, and you could tell everyone was just drinking it in.
  4. Additional Comments:
    • The most comprehensive overview of DXL I have ever seen. Good presenting style and extremely useful examples and demonstration. Awesome!
    • Great speaker. The accent did no detract from the presentation.
    • One of the two best session at this years lotusphere.
    • Surprisingly good presentation. I read just the description, and I thought it would be boring, which it wasnt after all

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  1. posted by Theo Heselmans on Sunday 25 January 2009 AD:
    Tx Stephan, It certainly was enlighting. Too bad I couldn't stay for a chat afterwards:
    - you were surrounded by groupies
    - I needed to go to another session
    I'll try to catch you next LS !
  2. posted by Rob McDonagh on Sunday 25 January 2009 AD:
    The session was excellent, as I said afterward. I was sitting next to Tim Tripcony and when you asked for questions at the end, I looked at him and said: "I don't have room for questions, I'm too full of ideas."

    As far as your accent goes, I had no trouble understanding you and I don't think we've spoken more than 10 sentences together before the session. I thought you did a great job and I trust IBM will have you back to speak again. Personally, I'd love to see you do an XSLT/XPath jumpstart. It's not IBM-specific, but you could do all the examples in DXL. That's just me being selfish, since I almost never understand XSLT but have had good luck with your explanations and examples on this blog.