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Function length and double byte languages

Complexity is a prime enemy of maintainability. So the conventional wisdom suggests methods should be around 20 lines, with some evidence suggesting up to 100+ lines.

When I review code written by non-native English speakers, especially when their primary language is double byte based, I find methods in the 500-1000 lines range, with some special champions up to 5000 lines. So I wondered what might contribute to these function/method worms

Let's compare:

function happyWeekend(me) {
    if(computer.isRunning) {
        projects.forEach(p => {
            if (p.isOpen()) {
    colleagues.forEach(c => {
        if (c.isPresent) {
    var availableFriends = [];
    allFriends.forEach(f => {
        var call = callFriend(f);
        if (call.successful()) {
            if (call.friendAvailable) {
    var restaurantVote = {};
    allRestaurants.forEach( r => {
        availableFriends.forEach( f => {
            if (f.likesRestaurant(r)) {
                if (restaurantVote[r]) {
                    restaurantVote[r] += 1;
                } else {
                    restaurantVote[r] = 1;
    var restaurant;
    var curMax = 0;
    for (r in restaurantVote) {
        if (restaurantVote[r] > curMax) {
            restaurant = r;
            curMax = restaurantVote[r];
    // and so on ...    

Or this one:

function happyWeekend(me) {
    var availableFriends = callFriends(me);
    var restaurant = pickRestaurant(availableFriends, me);
    hangOut(availableFriends, me);

I see these main contributors:

  • When the programming language (based on English) doesn't match your native language, you won't 'tell your story' in a breakdown manner, using simple statements as function/method names. Inventing useful function names in a language not your own affords more cognitive effort that just writing a long function. This is especially true when you can't name variables or functions in your native language - something that's prevalent for double byte character sets
  • Lack of a test first mindset: Even if you don't write a test upfront, you can ask yourself: How will that function be testable. Once you ignore that, functions grow larger
  • Not your problem: you are a contract developer and there's no code quality requirement/metric in place. You know that after a successful deployment you are off the hook and someone else has to deal with that code. Appreciation for your work is absent in your environment, so you stopped caring

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