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Roots of Wisdom

The 21st knowledge society needs to teach different skills than recalling knowledge. I introduced the 9 essential skills a few days ago. Based on an article titled "Older and wiser?" in The Economist there are 5 critical aspects of wise reasoning to add:
5 roots of wisdom
  1. willingness to seek opportunities to resolve conflict
  2. willingness to search for compromise
  3. recognition of the limits of personal knowledge
  4. awareness that more than one perspective on a problem can exist
  5. appreciation of the fact that things may get worse before they get better
Can they be taught? I fear that the fifth aspect has been completely lost in our hypercompetitive business environments, short of the management pep talks of "no pain - no gain". Number one and two might be a difficult call for Testosterone loaded youngsters until they recognize that coming to an agreement isn't the same as giving in (or the hormone wears off). Number three clashes with manger's ego and number four gets brushed aside with " seeing other perspectives doesn't create the next iPhone". So when wisdom manifests, I believe it does, its roots run deep having weathered these storms.

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