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Lotus Notes Reporting and Exports

While I think reports are a thing of the past and should be banned, the question " how to run reports on Notes" is quite popular. Today you rather would create a Dashboard than a classical report, but since it is popular, here you go (in no specific order): As usual YMMV.

Posted by on 08 December 2011 | Comments (3) | categories: Show-N-Tell Thursday


  1. posted by Carl Tyler on Thursday 08 December 2011 AD:
    No mention of Lotus Approach which IBM still sells as part of SmartSuite, which reads notes data natively, can normalize notes multi value fields, supports LSX and LotusScript? Emoticon wink.gif
  2. posted by Wayne Sobers on Thursday 08 December 2011 AD:
    I've tried using xml/xslt generation to htlm to create reports.
    It is possible to group and sub total with xslt but I find it's not the easiest method for doing so.

  3. posted by Vadim M. on Sunday 22 October 2017 AD:

    Hi! Earlier I have developed a special application for the reporting in IBM ( Lotus ) Notes / Domino. I work using the app many years and think it could be useful for somebody else. It's free and with open source.

    Full info and download on notesapps.org