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Brute Force View Tuning

Complex view selection formulas can slowdown your Domino performance substantially. So keeping them simple is a mandate for high performance applications. One of my favorite approaches here is to have a set of hidden fields in my forms that compute to true or false and then simply use SELECT vsf_Demo as selection formula, where " vfs" stands for "View Selection Formula". In large applications that results in a rather nice performance. Downside of the approach: you need to compute these values on each alteration of a document (but that's not too hard). You can use this method even to retrofit existing applications to improve performance. These are the steps:
  1. Create a FORM with one field for each view that contains the view selection formula
  2. Change the view selection formula (short of the SELECT @All ones) to point to that field
  3. Alter/Create the QuerySave event to: switch to that form, do a computeWithForm, switch back to the original form
  4. Create a script library with an easy function that takes a document and tells you if the document's selection formulas have been updated
  5. Add a call to that function to all agents
  6. Add an agent that runs on "documents created or changed" to catch any case where the two calls above didn't work (e.g. @Formula agents)
  7. Test, Test, Test
  8. Enjoy better performance
The code you need to add to the querySave event is rather light: while this is the code in the querySave event of any form:
Option Declare
Use "CoreHandlerLibrary"

Sub Querysave (Source As Notesuidocument, Continue As Variant )
    Dim handler As DocumentHandler
    Dim doc As NotesDocument
    Set doc = Source. Document
    Set handler = New DocumentHandler (doc )
      'We recompute here, since we will save anyway we don't care for the result
    Call handler. docHasChangedAfterUpdate ( )
End Sub
Being lazy and notoriously prone to typos I created some code that does step 1 and 2 for me in one go.
    Class ViewTuner
    Description: Creates a form with all view selection formulas and updates all views

Public Class ViewTuner
    Private ourForm As NotesDOMDocumentNode
    Private formName As String
    Private fieldNamesUsed List As String
    Private resultStream As NotesStream
    Private parser As NotesDOMParser
    Private s As NotesSession
    Public Sub New
        formName = "ViewSelectionFormulas"
        Set me. s = New NotesSession
    End Sub
        Property Set formToUse
        Description: Overwrite the formName if necessary
    %END REM

    Public Property Set formToUse As String
        me. formName = formToUse
    End Property

        Function getEmptyForm
        Description: Get an empty form DOM in DXL
    %END REM

    Private Function getEmptyForm (formName As String )   As NotesDOMDocumentNode
        Dim rawform As NotesStream
        Dim s As New NotesSession
        Set rawForm = s. Createstream ( )
        Set resultStream = s. Createstream ( )

        Call rawform. Writetext ( "<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>" )
        Call rawform. Writetext ( "<form name='(" + formName + ")' alias='" + formName + "'>" )
        Call rawform. Writetext ( "<body><richtext>" )
        Call rawform. Writetext ( "<pardef id='1' hide='web mobile'/>" )
        Call rawform. Writetext ( "<par def='1'><run><font color='red'/>&lt;!-- View selection formulas for all views in this application --&gt;</run></par></richtext></body></subform>" )
        rawform. Position = 0
        Set parser = s. Createdomparser (rawform, resultStream )
        Call parser. Process ( )

        Set getEmptyForm = parser. Document

        Call rawform. Close ( )

    End Function

        Sub addField
        Description: Add a field to the form DOM
    %END REM

    Public Function addField (fieldName As String, fieldFormula As String ) As Boolean
        If IsElement ( me. fieldNamesUsed (fieldName ) ) Then
            'We have that field already, can't use it again
            addField = False
            Exit function
        End If
        Dim tmp As NotesDOMNodeList
        Dim insertionpoint As NotesDOMNode
        Dim newFieldElement As NotesDOMNode

        'Lazy initialization
        If me. ourForm Is Nothing Then
            Set me. ourForm = me. getEmptyForm ( me. formName )
        End If

        Set tmp = me. ourForm. Getelementsbytagname ( "run" )
        Set insertionpoint = tmp. Getitem ( 1 )
        Set newFieldElement = me. getFieldElement (fieldname,fieldFormula )
        Call insertionpoint. Appendchild (newFieldElement )
        me. fieldNamesUsed (fieldName ) = fieldFormula
    End Function

        Function getFieldElement
        Description: Generate the XML representing a field with a selection formula
    %END REM

    Private Function getFieldElement (fieldname As String,fieldFormula As String ) As NotesDOMNode
            We need to create something like this:
            <field  type='number' kind='computed' name='vsf_DemoView'><code
        %END REM

        Dim result As NotesDOMElementNode
        Dim code As NotesDOMElementNode
        Dim formula As NotesDOMElementNode
        Dim formulaContent As NotesDOMTextNode

        Set result = me. ourForm. Createelementnode ( "field" )
        Call result. Setattribute ( "type", "number" )
        Call result. Setattribute ( "kind", "computed" )
        Call result. Setattribute ( "name", fieldname )

        Set code = me. ourForm. Createelementnode ( "code" )
        Call code. Setattribute ( "event", "defaultvalue" )

        Set formula = me. ourForm. Createelementnode ( "formula" )
        Set formulaContent = me. ourForm. Createtextnode (fieldFormula )

        Call formula. appendChild (formulaContent )
        Call code. Appendchild (formula )
        Call result. Appendchild (code )

        Set getFieldElement = result
    End Function

        Function saveSubformIntoDatabase
        Description: Saves the subform into the database specified
    %END REM

    Function saveSubformIntoDatabase (db As NotesDatabase ) As String
        Dim importer As NotesDXLImporter
        'Write the changes into the stream
        Call me. parser. Serialize ( )
        me. resultStream. Position = 0
        Set importer = s. Createdxlimporter ( )

        importer. Designimportoption =   6
        Call importer. Setoutput (db )
        Call importer. Setinput ( me. resultStream )
        On Error Resume next
        Call importer. Process ( )
        If Err <> 0 Then
            me. resultstream. Position = 0
            MsgBox me. resultstream. Readtext ( )
        End If
        saveSubformIntoDatabase = importer. Log

    End Function

End Class
For handling changed documents this agents comes in handy:
    Created Jan 5, 2010 by Stephan H Wissel/Singapore/IBM
    Description: Agent Sample how to update changed view selection formulas

Option Public
Option Declare

Use "CoreHandlerLibrary"
Use "AgentSupport"
Sub Initialize ( )
    Dim support As New AgentSupport
    Dim doc As NotesDocument
    Dim factory As New DH_Factory
    Dim dh As DocumentHandler
    Set doc = support. docToProcess ( )
    Do Until doc Is Nothing
        Set dh = factory. getDocumentHandler (Doc )
        If dh. docHasChangedAfterUpdate ( ) Then
            Call dh. save ( )
        End If     
        Call support. Updateprocesseddoc (doc )
        Set doc = support. docToProcess ( )
End Sub
You need the CoreHandlerLibrary and the AgentSupport As usual YMMV

Posted by on 24 November 2011 | Comments (3) | categories: Show-N-Tell Thursday


  1. posted by Nathan T. Freeman on Friday 25 November 2011 AD:
    Why not just use folders?
  2. posted by ursus on Friday 25 November 2011 AD:
    Hi Stefan

    Cool idea - love your implementation, well done.

    I have inherited a couple of databases that are quite large (40 - 60 GB on an AS/400 or whatever its called this week :o) and they VERY slow. The reason for this is that every document has reader lists attached to it. I am having a difficult time convincing the users that they do not need them :o( There aren't TOO may views so I could apply your technique but was wondering if you could quantify how much of a speed advantage I would get? I would have about 100 DB's that I would use this on and would have to run the conversion agent by hand as I need to have "Full Access Admin" set!

    Greetings from Austria

    PS: you at LotusPhere this year?

  3. posted by Stephan H. Wissel on Friday 25 November 2011 AD:
    In a Notes client app users can mess up by moving documents in an out of folders. So you need extra code to check for all documents, including the unchanged ones, that they are in all Folders they belong to and out any they are not supposed to be in.
    Also audit gets much harder. Definitely nothing you want to do in a retrofitting exercise.
    Emoticon smile.gif stw