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Simplify Domino installation on Ubuntu

Installing Domino on Linux requires a few extra steps. You need to create user/group and implement a startup script. The best one can be found on Daniel Nash's site. A good instruction, step by step has been provided by Danilo Dellaquila in Part 1:Ubuntu installation and Part 2:Domino installation. Danilo went the extra mile and created a deb package for download that takes care of the details and simplifies your chores. Details are in his wiki.
As usual: YMMV

Posted by on 30 December 2010 | Comments (5) | categories: IBM Notes Linux Lotus Notes


  1. posted by Henning Heinz on Thursday 30 December 2010 AD:
    Unfortunately for Domino Ubuntu / Debian is still not supported by IBM (they support some Ubuntu for the client).
    My Debian server still runs great.
  2. posted by Jack Dausman on Sunday 02 January 2011 AD:
    Ubuntu is such a well-established distro, that it really is useful to have it for running Domino in many instances. Thanks for putting together all the sources, and I agree that Daniel's script is essential. I've never understood why IBM can't supply it's own, but I'm grateful for Daniel's effort.
  3. posted by Adam on Tuesday 04 January 2011 AD:
    It would be great if they could support both Ubuntu and Debian, but even CentOS would be an advantage. It's identical to RHEL but would mean that those of us happy to support the OS ourselves wouldn't need to pay Red Hat or SLES.
  4. posted by Stephan H. Wissel on Tuesday 04 January 2011 AD:
    @Adam: I doubt that IBM ever will support Debian, OpenSuse or CentOS. As the history of Domino teaches (Lotus was the single biggest contributor to Windows OS fixes in the early days) having someone to hold responsible (in the sense of: having a qualified and binding conversation) on the OS side is essential. And exactly that is the business model of the Linux companies. What benefit would IBM have cutting them out? Only increased risk (or cost maintaining their own contributors) and no rewards.
    So if you are on a budget, you can use the free versions - Domino runs great with them, just don't log a support call against them or try to hold someone responsible for challenges you might encounter.
    Emoticon smile.gif stw
  5. posted by Eric Mack on Saturday 26 August 2017 AD:

    Looks like Danilo's Deb package is no more. Did you save a copy by chance?

    deb package for download