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Shortcut for launching Lotus Notes

I'm a fulltime Ubuntu user. And I love keyboards (probably due to the fact that my first computer was a IBM S/36). So I use shortcuts a lot. Recently I installed Ubuntu Tweak. Besides a lot of other kewl stuff it allows me to define arbitrary commands and assign them to keyboard shortcuts. So I assigned Ctrl+Alt+n to Lotus Notes, so it is just one key press away (Use this command line: opt/ibm/lotus/notes/framework/../notes). On the same note (pun intended): I'm using Cardapio for my menu. It has (like Spotlight in OS/X or Windows7) a Super - Space shortcut that opens the menu and focus on the search box. You can type and on key press results from the menu, a local search and a web search are presented to choose. It even lists software you can install from the Ubuntu Software centre.

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