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Boys and their toys X

Huawei topped their already impressive E5 device
Huawei E5

with a new entry, the E583C
Huawei E583C

On top of being a mobile hotspot for 5 devices it spots a OLED display and via microSD up to 32G shared storage. So a small team working away easily can share what they are working on and access the Interweb at the same time using a good looking gadget.
(via godevice.com)

Posted by on 23 August 2010 | Comments (1) | categories: Buying Broadband


  1. posted by Slawek on Thursday 26 August 2010 AD:
    If only it supported HSPA+, not that I ever get 21Mbps, but maybe one day. Although I did break the 7Mbps barrier on an occasion or two.
    I like that it has a USB as presumably it can draw power from it instead of lasting up to 5 hours only on the battery like the predecessor.