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Domino and eDiscovery

Most legislation today require to keep "accounts and other business records" for many years (typically 3-8) for compliance and discovery. Depending on their content eMails are today considered business records*. When starting to look into eDiscovery there are a number of terms and concepts one needs to become familiar with: Sub Poena, Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II or eDiscovery.
Once you wrapped your head around it you then need to architect a system that avoids massive violations of retention legislation. Having all data stored in a single shared database like MS Exchange will immediately lead to the need to buy add-on products. Domino on the other hand provides a lot of required functionality out-of-the box. Dan Lynch has summarized what you can do. Go read it.

* While an email with an invitation to an after-office beer most probably isn't a business records, however the invitation to lunch to discuss the proposal surly is a record since it documents part of the history how a sale closed.

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