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Domino next++

Domino's next version is under active development and as much as I would like to share details I'm bound by an NDA. However glimpsing into the future beyond the current version is something I can do (to some extend). To understand where Domino is heading, you need to be clear, that software is about people. Always has been, always will be. A little story to illustrate: In the 70th and 80th IBM trained a lot of IT experts in internal training programs only to "loose" them to the open market soon after their training completed. Everybody thought IBM should bond their trainees, until it became clear, that the "lost" trainees turned out to be the most loyal customers.
So again " The emperor sends out his knights" to ensure the future success (OK, one came back already). With our experts in strategic positions big things are in store for Domino next++ (Could be Domino 9.0 or Domino 10.0).
The interest the DB/2 integration led to some radical ideas around the storage engine and I'm exited to share that Domino will support CouchDB as storage engine. Since Damien did wonders to the @Formula engine, he will do that again for the database. He will work with the soldiers in the field to also provide seamless connectors to access local stores of other messaging systems natively (so no more migration of your Outlook or Thunderbird archives, just use them).  The Domino web container will be powered by the Zero engine. Zero (together with Jazz) is my favorite IBM project. Zero provides language environments running on a JVM: JavaScript, Java, PHP. So the Domino implementation will add LotusScript.0. Just imagine the possibilities: Writing Domino agents in PHP, Execute an @Formula in Java without invoking the ORB. We have some exiting possibilities coming up.

Posted by on 01 April 2008 | Comments (5) | categories: IBM Notes Lotus Notes


  1. posted by YoGi on Tuesday 01 April 2008 AD:
    April fool ?
  2. posted by Daniele Vistalli on Tuesday 01 April 2008 AD:
    To me this sounds like the correct pieces are coming together... but since today is april 1.

    Can you confirm these are the lines along the planning team is moving ?

    I want project zero badly.
  3. posted by Henning Heinz on Tuesday 01 April 2008 AD:
    The problem with this April fools is that I really do like the ideas Emoticon biggrin.gif
  4. posted by harkpabst meliantrop on Tuesday 01 April 2008 AD:
    O.K., you got me. But only for 5 seconds with my chin slammed on my desk. Luckily, nobody saw me ...
  5. posted by Stephan H. Wissel on Tuesday 01 April 2008 AD:
    @Henning: I like the ideas too. Old rules for April fools: use something desirable and/or plausible. In an ideal world I would get an angry call by product management for leaking secret plans. The CouchDB is a bit far off, but the Zero idea has merit.
    Emoticon smile.gif stw