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When a mouse goes bad

I had for about 5 years now an IntelliMouse Explorer. It served me well and its size nicely fitted into my pawns. A few days ago it started to act strangely. As if the ball was full of dirt (it is an optical mouse). Also -- now I know it is related -- for a couple of days I had the issue, that Explorer would freeze. The mouse would move but nothing would be clickable. However running application would be selectable with Alt+Tab or even applications on a hotkey would launch, except task manager. The system also would not react to external drive mapping or a shutdown request.
This morning the mouse died. No mousepointer movement, finito, basta. So I replaced it with a spare (a compact optical mouse, much to small for my hands) and wonder oh wonder no more hell freezes over Explorer freezes. Mental note: even an optical mouse does age.  

Posted by on 27 December 2005 | Comments (1) | categories: Technology


  1. posted by Keil Wilson on Wednesday 12 December 2007 AD:
    That's a bummer. I found this website that talks about a possible solution to your problem: { Link }

    I also wanted to comment that I used an Intellimouse Optical for years. As a left-hander I have to be pretty picky about the mouse I choose. I decided I wanted to go wireless, though, but had a hard time finding a wireless mouse that would work for me. I fianlly settled on the Logitech LX7 Cordless Optical Mouse ($39.99US): { Link }

    I've been pretty happy with it's feel, but am totally loving no cord. Now when I work with a corded mouse I find it totally annoying. I highly recommend checking out some cordless models before making a new purchase.