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<strike>I need a</strike> DXL/XML guru&apos;s advise!

I'm working on a project, that will reunite a bunch of databases that once were one back into a common template. One tool that worked very well is DXL export, XSLT transformation and importing that stuff back. I'm using the Body field of a Notes document to store the DXL, which creates some kind of documentation/audit trail. This morning we hit the wall.
I exported a rather complex form (a lot of subforms, multi-nested tables, hotspots and a lot of fields). When I tried to reimport the DXL untouched I was greeted with this error dialogue:

(For RSS readers: the message says: "Left margin cannot be greater than right margi". I did the msgbox, but that was the error in the DXL importer. Please note the typo/truncation. Anybody came across this and could advise what to do?

Update: I found a solution (and opened another can of worms)! The form I tried to export has quite a bit of "history" So in the table tag there is an attribute r4spacing="true". With this attribute set I get the error message. The attribute tells the designer to use the fixed values provided in refwidth="10.4778in". Once you remove the attribute "r4spacing" import works. Of course now the table rendering follows a different rule set, so it gets all messed up. Looks like another session in XSLT to clean this up.

This is the agent we use for import:
Sub Initialize
        'Exports DXL design elements from the base line code into a
        'database. Can be new, might exist
        Dim db As NotesDatabase
        Dim dCol As NotesDocumentCollection
        Dim newDB As NotesDatabase
        Dim doc As NotesDocument
        Dim rt As NotesRichTextItem
        Dim txtServerName As String
        Dim txtNewDBName As String
        Dim s As New NotesSession
        Set db = s.CurrentDatabase
        txtServerName = db.Server
        txtNewDBName = Inputbox("Create/Update db on "+txtServerName,"")
        If txtNewDBName = "" Then
                         Exit Sub
        End If
        Set newDB = New NotesDatabase(txtServerName,txtNewDBName)
        If Not newDB.IsOpen Then
                         'We need to create it!
                         Call newDB.Create(txtServerName,txtNewDBName,True)
                         If Msgbox("This DB does exist, update it? (Exisiting elements will be overwritten)",36) <> 6 Then
                                          Exit Sub
                         End If
        End If
        'Final check
        If Not newDB.IsOpen Then
                         'Something went wrong!
                         Msgbox"Can't open the selected database, I'm sorry!"
                         Exit Sub
        End If
        Set dCol = db.UnprocessedDocuments
        Set doc = dCol.GetFirstDocument
        Do Until doc Is Nothing
                         If doc.HasItem("Body") Then
                                          Set rt = doc.GetFirstItem("Body")
                                          If doc.HasItem("Subject") Then
                                                           Print "Working on " & doc.subject(0)
                                          End If
                                          Call ImportDXLfromRT(rt,newDB)
                         End If
                         Set doc = dCol.GetNextDocument(doc)
End Sub 

Sub ImportDXLfromRT(rt As NotesRichTextItem, db As NotesDatabase)
        Dim dxi As NotesDXLImporter
        On Error Goto Err_ImportDXLfromRT
        Dim s As New NotesSession
        Set dxi = s.CreateDXLImporter
        'Set the import to ONLY import design elements
        dxi.ACLImportOption = DXLIMPORTOPTION_IGNORE
        dxi.DocumentImportOption = DXLIMPORTOPTION_IGNORE
        dxi.ReplaceDBProperties = False
        dxi.ReplicaRequiredForReplaceOrUpdate = False
        'Set the source to RT and the target to the db
        Call dxi.setInput(rt)
        Call dxi.setOutput(db)
        Call dxi.process
        Exit Sub
        'Error from dxi
        Print Error$
End Sub

As usual YMMV

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