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I made my first million today - Hanoi rocks!

Yes.... My first million. Holding cold hard cash in my hands. Well it's rather warm and flappy and one million Vietnamese Dong (which is about 63 USD). At least now I know how it feels to be a millionaire . Since I arrived early the afternoon I had some time to kill. I strolled from the hotel towards the "Old Quarter" where you can find a lot of early 20th century buildings filled with buzzing Vietnamese life. Originally I intended to walk but then Lam (see picture) convinced me to be my driver. For about 1.5 hours he drove me through the city Vietnamese style: Traffic signs and lights are decoration or suggestions, not rules; when you see a lot of traffic coming your way, jank your horn and keep driving. Some of the motorcycle riders actually wear helmets -- the ones you know from the Rambo movies. I had a good time, visited the old prison and the Temple of Literature, which was founded in 1070 as an university. Since my driver took some back roads I had a glimpse into Vietnamese daily life. In a rather shadowy narrow run down road, what do I see in the basement of an old house: an internet cafe (my guess about 40 screens) packed with young people. Some stuff seems to be the same everywhere.

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