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Buying Broadband - Closing chapter

I'll give it a try. 400m to the MUX should be Ok even with an unknown cable quality. Hopefully I don't need to reopen the saga.

Case ID: 1392853

Dear Mr Wissel

Thank you for the reply.

My apology for the delay as I've to seek our ADSL Installation team
finding and feedback on this.

Based on their finding, your ADSL line has to be serve via local MUX. The theoretical loss
from the local MUX to the DP will be around 4 db. (Distance
approximately 400 metres).

We seek your understand that we are unable pre-measure the ADSL line
loss as it not terminated the local MUX yet. However, when you sign up
for 3500kbps plan, we can do a measurement from your premise for

Thank you for your kind understanding.

The other parts of the Saga
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