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Survival in Phuket Thailand

Douglas, one of my friends from my Rotary Club was in Phuket when the Tsunami hit there. He was lucky not to be in the hard hit areas of Phi Phi island or Krabi but in a less devastated area of the main Phuket beaches. He shared some astonishing stories. Tourism is the lifeline of Phuket, the local residents make 80% of their annual income during the month November to February. So they are double hit: devastation and lost lifes and a grim outlook for survival due to lack of business.
The Thais in Phuket showed and astonishing resilience to this fate. Within a few days the beaches were cleared from any debris, the shops and restaurants were cleaned and repaired. Douglas said, that the area he was in was mainly flooded and not crushed by the waves. The hoteliers, restaurant and shop owners are desperate for tourist business. And Thai hospitality is at the top of the world.
So if you considered to cancel your trip there, give the LOCAL people a call to find out the situation, you might have second thoughts. They really will appreciate this type of help too.

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