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Old challenges resurface --- The Domino upload control is still a mystery --- can you solve it?

When I was posting about my XML wish list, I remembered that I had that wished before. In 2001, when Gary Devendorf was in charge of XML in Domino I already suggested the enhancements. You can see links on the R7 beta forum
When going through the archive I also found, that I tried to demystify the Domino upload control. It first became available in Quickplace and made it's debut on Lotus Domino in version 5.08 with the first incarnation of Domino Web Access (a.k.a iNotes). I tried to figure out how that control worked, since I wanted that in my own application.Digging through the DWA JavaScript was kind of fun and I got tremendous respect how daring the DWA team was pushing JavaScript's limits. I got to the point where I got the control to appear on a HTML page, but never to the way how posting would work or how to show existing files in the control.
Here you go

In case you only see one button -- the ActiveX Control launches only in IE.
Did anybody ever get beyond that?


P.S.: The downloadable source is here

Posted by on 25 November 2004 | Comments (1) | categories: IBM Notes Lotus Notes


  1. posted by Steve Castledine on Friday 10 December 2004 AD:
    Hi Stephan - one of my "to do's" at the minute is to create a cross browser file upload thingy for domino - will let you know when I make some progress