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How to make custom forms work in iNotes

Rob posted a question a while ago on Notes Net and his own Blog: How can one overcome the forced rendering of iNotes in an iNotes enabled mailbox. Rob and I faced the same problem: mobile light email. A little background: Both iNotes and Notes web access heavily rely on full fledged browser features: High Power JavaScript for iNotes, Java applets for Notes web access.
The browser on the Tungsten or Treo doesn't provide that, so end of story? The conclusion is: create a view with a form formula (if you are not a Notes/Domino developer: stop reading, it is tech talk) and a light form that does display exactly what you want. The only thing: iNotes ignores it! After researching for a while I found, that you simply need to tell iNotes: HANDS OFF! To do so add &ui=webmail at the end of your url: http://myserver/mymaildb.nsf/lightwebmail/$first?openDocument&ui=webmail
That's all!
Hope that helps the mobile buffs out there!

Posted by on 18 September 2004 | Comments (1) | categories: IBM - Lotus


  1. posted by Rob Wunderlich on Wednesday 22 September 2004 AD:
    Stephan - a quick thank you for the short, sweet solution to the thorny problem. The "&UI-WebMail" works like a charm.
    Thanks a million. And say hello to the MerLion for me!
    - Rob