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Who would you admire more?

I've added another question to my repertoire of intercultural probing. The results are quite puzzling. It's a good starter on parties. Here we go:
There is a scientist who invents a new drug, which costs one cent a pop and cures Malaria, Aids and Herpes within a few weeks. He donates his finding to mankind and never makes a cent out of it (except the price money for the medicine Nobel price).
And there is another guy, who runs a sewage cleaning business. He literally makes money out of shit. One million a day.
Who would you admire more? Who is up the ladder in your value system?

Posted by on 14 August 2004 | Comments (1) | categories: Intercultural


  1. posted by Ramana on Saturday 14 August 2004 AD:
    that's a good one. I'll remember that when I go to KL for a partywith some high-flying people next month....