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Good or Bad - The man with the knife

Being educated in the West, I'm used to think in dualism: Nice - Nasty, Good - Bad, Love - Hate. Now I'm living in Asia and got in touch with Taoism and Buddhism. Both challenge the dualistic view, which is mind-blowing for a Westerner. It condenses in the first verse of the Tao De King: The true Tao is beyond words. As a trainer I always try to brake things down into easy digestible lessons, so here is my take one
Imagine: In front of you stands a man. He is wearing a mask. He holds a sharp knife. He looks very determined to cut you open and he looks like that he is used to this type of action.

Is that good or bad?
Well it depends!
He could be the surgeon, who is going to remove a deadly tumour from your body.

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